Creative Friday AKA Crazy Friday

We all know at the end of the week you are tired and waiting for the weekend to begin. Creative Friday is the perfect day for the students and the volunteers to blow off steam from the week before. Creative Friday is also known as Crazy Friday by some of the volunteers.IMG_6533

Monday to Thursday is busy with classes, meetings and other activities, but when Friday comes around everyone knows it’s time for a bit of a laugh. Volunteers can plan the activities for Creative Fridays by letting their imaginations run wild!

There is a variety of materials and utensils for the volunteers and students to use. A populour activity among both volunteers and the children are the jig-saws and building blocks. Who doesn’t like a good jig-saw?? The only problem sometimes is that all the pieces aren’t there, but this just adds to the difficulty level of the challenge.


Other activities include painting and drawing of all different kinds and types. Sometimes it becomes very messy, and other times it is just far too much fun to be messy. One Creative Friday Leyla and Maria where painting and using glitter with a class, to simplify the whole situation, there was an almighty glitter fight! And it was the teachers that lost the war, and lost it badly!! Maria was the victim who suffered the most extensive damage. She was covered in green and red glitter from her shoulders to her forehead, and the damage was still visible almost 3 days later.

Something new and different for the students is the use of the computer projector. It is a nice treat for them to be able to watch animated movies on a big screen with loud speakers. The kids seem to like anything with moving animals and as little talking as possible. Toy Story and Chicken Run were some of the most well received. Do you have any suggestions for a good movie? What was your childhood favourite?? Aladdin was mine!

Creative Friday gives the students the chance to be themselves and express themselves in different ways each week. It is something that they do not get to do in public school or at home, but at SCAO they get the chance to really be kids, by just having FUN!

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